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China to host inaugural Art Chengdu International Contemporary Art Fair in 2018

Booming economy and strong art infrastructure in Sichuan's capital give competitive edge to the event scheduled for 28 April to 2 May next year. The co-founder Huang Yu, a collector and Sichuan native, announced further details last week at a press conference in Beijing.

“Southwestern art has a very special and important place in Chinese art history, with a deep influence on the development of Chinese contemporary art, and it produced many leading Chinese artists,” says Huang Yu, a former bodybuilding champion turned art collector

Huang founded the Beijing Zhuanshi International Auction House in 2003, worked with fellow collector He Juxing at the Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai during its 2010 founding, and now runs the Beijing Zizi Cultural Holdings Group. His co-founder of the fair Huang Zai, no relation, previously worked as an art project director for Harper’s Bazaar Art China.

Art Chengdu press conference (Photo: courtesy of Art Chengdu)

Read the full report at the Art Newspaper.

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