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Korea's New Plans to Expand Art Infrastructure

The Korean government has just launched a five-year plan to allow higher accessibility of Korean art and artifacts to the general public. It includes the addition of art galleries and museums, expansion of the conservation system for the collections as well as the creation of online and mobile systems for people to acquire information on exhibitions.

The National Museum of Korea

Addition of Art Galleries

It is planned that an addition of 140 museums and 46 art galleries will be built by 2023. The preexisting system of “comprehensive” and “specialised” museums will also be combined to reduce the categories of museums and maximise administrative efficiency. Institutions operated by both regional and central governments will be inspected prior to their official openings in the future.

Expansion of Conservation System

The already-existing “cultural heritage management system” will be remodeled to be applied to both museums and galleries to help manage collections and share information digitally with other institutions. To cover allow the state cover up to 50 percent of construction costs of institutions, an art and artifact conservation system will be expanded to those run by regional governments.

Creation of Online & Mobile System

Under development is an app to provide information on nearby art institutions as well as policies to encourage museums and galleries to install aids for those with difficulties visiting these institutions. Those who are unable to visit state-run institutions in person will be able to enjoy cultural content with AR and VR technology.

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