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Scholars Salon

From Inheritance to Innovation: 

The Craft of Traditional Filigree & Enamelling


24 MARCH 2022 

20:00 HKST (Thursday)

13:00 CET (Thursday)

12:00 GMT (Thursday)

04:00 PST (Thursday)


Yinglong Li


Li-Chun Hu


With the fast development of the digital era, many precious traditional crafts have died out and disappeared. However, more and more people today begin to recognize and reconsider the value of craft in contemporary society. This talk will firstly present Yinglong’s experience of visiting different minority areas in China to investigate the current state of traditional metal techniques and his international travelling and research activities. Then the making methods of two crafts, the traditional filigree technique and the rare enamelling technique plique-à-jour are further described, with his creative practice of employing these old crafts to make contemporary artworks. Finally, Yinglong’s experience on teaching and social public good further demonstrate the importance of promoting the younger generation to realise the value of intangible cultural heritages. After studying and practising for more than fifteen years in craft and design, Yinglong believes that the sustainability of traditional craft requires creative ideas, extensive physical practice with the material, and the investment of social education.

About the speaker

Yinglong Li is a PhD researcher at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University. His studies mainly focus on including the innovative practice of traditional craft and digital technology, and the development of intangible cultural heritage. As a craft practitioner and researcher, Yinglong is good at the contemporary creation of traditional metal crafts. In the past fifteen years, he visited many minority areas of China to study and record the current situations of traditional metal crafts. And his works have been shown in different international exhibitions. Yinglong continues to investigate the connective relationship of craft and technology and explore the value of craft within this digital era today.


Bachelor Degree, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University Master Degree, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University Lecturer, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts PhD researcher, School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University


About the moderator

Li-Chun Hu is an independent art consultant specialising in Chinese ceramics and works of art.  She has a background in classical music and industrial design before receiving her Master's in Art Market & Appraisals in England. Li-Chun's profession takes her to international Chinese art auctions, and she continues to give advisory services to private collectors, dealers, and regional auction houses around the world. Her connoisseurship, experience, and market acumen help her source the highest quality objects for a global client base.

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