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Hong Kong Artists and Writers Evoke Stories of Lung Fu Shan

Trekking through the University of Hong Kong are paths to many spaces - rooms full of learning, benches for conversations, escalators and hallways the arteries to yet more places. Cut across the maze of constructed classrooms of the city's oldest university, there leads a slope up into the forest. Nestled in the tropical overgrowth, a small bungalow continues to be a haven in the hillside 130 years on.

Established in 2008 by the Environmental Protection Department and The University of Hong Kong, the Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre is housed in three revitalized, hundred-year-old historic graded buildings. With themes of environment, history and people, the centre focuses on building communities that live sustainably and harmoniously with nature.

Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre - Three colonialstyle buildings accorded with Grade 1 or 2

Historic Building status (Image courtesy of LFSEEC)

The centre celebrates its 10th anniversary with a publication and accompanying exhibition. “The Pulse of Nature — Lung Fu Shan” exhibition is a collection of sculpture, photography, video recording, drawings and short stories engaging with the topic of Mid-Levels West. The exhibition also includes newly found historical documents, showcasing the centre’s hundred-year heritage. Several free exhibition tours and guided tours led by the artists and writers will be held during the exhibition period. To attend, event registration is available online.

Contributors Artists: Leelee Chan (sculpture), Choi Ching Yee (photography), Bouie Choi (painting), Ho Sin Tung (drawing), South Ho (photography), Swing Lam (illustrated booklet)

Writers: Cheng Wa Chu (short story), Wong Yi (short story)

Featuring: Gavin Coates (creative writing), Bong Yeung (map illustrations)

Exhibition Period 01.02.2019 (Fri) to 09.06.2019 (Sun)

Venue - Free admission Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre Exhibition Hall

Leelee Chan, Sculpture

South Ho, photography

Ho Sin Tung, drawing

Glenealy by Swing Lam, Coloured pencil on paper

Gavin Coates, short story

Choi Ching Yee, Photography

About the publication

An English-Chinese bilingual alternative city guide, The Pulse of Nature — MidLevels West, is a collection of writings, illustrations and photographs that explore the relationships between humans and nature. Drawing from richly diverse perspectives of humanities, social studies, architecture, environmental history and ecology, its contributors include both academics and artists, including the first director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and maritime historian Dr. Stephen Davies, Fotanian artists Ho Sin Tung, Swing Lam and South Ho, and Fleurs des Lettres editor and author Wong Yi among others. Their works are catalogued together in a hand-drawn, full-spread foldout map, inviting the reader to join the book’s writers and creators for a walk into MidLevels West together.

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