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Love? Friendship? ...Uncertain?

Give it a go and say it with flowers!

Flowers have long been a Valentine's Day tradition, and more often than not, open a Pandora's box of questions: “What flowers should I pick? Will they like this? Is there a 'flower trend' of the year? What if I don't pick a rose...? I heard there are 'secret meanings' behind each flower... What if I chose an orange rose instead?" It might not be as complicated as we think. Let’s hear it from some of Hong Kong's top florists.

“If I was selecting an arrangement for a loved one on Valentine's Day, I would consider what the person is like. What they dress like, what foods they like, what places they visit on holiday… I'd try and identify elements from their life to work the flowers towards to make them person to them and appreciated. Don't just buy red roses.” ​

“Flower arrangements are like the dressing of human - how we dress is very personal and unique, so there isn’t really something standardised and trendy.”

“'Flower language' or 'meaning of flowers' is a sales gimmick! The Victorians picked wild flowers and gave each had a specific meaning. Nowadays, we have a larger range of flowers to select from! Commercial farms started giving meanings to flowers to market them better… What matters is what meaning you give to the flowers when you tell the lady why you chose the flowers for them. In any case, that is how the flower language thing first came about in the old days! So, why not just express directly why you think the flowers fits the girl?”

Ellermann Flower Boutique

Choosing the gift for your loved one isn't necessarily about what's popular or trending. It is about the personalisation, reflecting that one-of-the-kind personality of your special person, and your thought behind the gift. While you're at it, take a little time to learn about flowers too. Here are some practical tips about picking the bouquet, when to order it, and how to take care of the flowers.

Ellermann Flower Boutique

1. Consider different combinations rather than a single flower

There are some elements that we have to consider when we are looking for the most personalised bouquet, i.e. the combination of flowers and foliage, the colour and the texture of different blooms.

2. Buy it earlier

According to Justin Chung, director of Gift Flowers, we cannot expect to get a great deal if we are slow. Two or even three weeks earlier is the best time for getting an early bird discount. It is common for the top companies to reach their full capacity of delivery and production a week before Valentine’s day and people might not be able to order.

3. Care for your flowers

Flowers are natural and ephemeral. With some care they can live for 10-14 days. Be patient and attentive to your blooms.

“Flowers are like humans. They need to drink fresh water, need to be cleaned, need to be given air and food. Take good care of them can make them live longer.”

Solomon Leong

“Taking care of the flowers is like looking after the children - they have to be treated super carefully.”

Diane Nittke, director of Ellermann Flower Boutique

Ellermann Flower Boutique

Some are foodies, others are adrenaline junkies, still others love flowers. Like many other florists, Diane Nittke, has turned her passion into her life-long career. She encourages us in the constant learning and curiosity of flowers. “My colleagues and I live for what we do... During our holiday vacations, we always choose the place that have the most beautiful flowers.”

Floriography is not something difficult but to execute it beautifully definitely takes effort and meticulous preparations. Having heard from these florists, you must have come up with some sweet and creative ideas in mind for your loved ones! Create something that is unique and personalised and remember there is no single bouquet that is perfect for everyone! This Valentine’s Day - by learning a new language, the language of flowers and the language of love - let’s become wiser lovers and get closer to our loved ones.

Learn more about flowers and take your loved one somewhere special with fresh air away from the crowds at this year's Flower Show 2018. Organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, this year's theme is “Joy in Bloom”, featuring the Dahlia. It will be held from 16 to 25 March 2018 at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. For more details, visit

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