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3 Chocolatiers for Your Valentines

Teuscher Founded in 1936 in Zurich, Switzerland, Teuscher now has stores all over the world and is available in Hong Kong through the online shop. Their special series of Valentine’s Day Gifts feature its signature product - Champagnes Truffles. First created 50 years ago, the family recipe continues to be hand-crafted in small batches.

Each Heart-shaped Truffle Box is individually decorated with an incredible floral design, together with hand packed, fresh truffles inside. Choose from 6 to 138 pieces of champagne truffles or an assortment of flavours.

From USD$47.5

Show your fun side with these traditional Swiss Valentine's figures! Mr. & Mrs. Valentine contain up to six pieces of truffles in each figure. Choose from Champagne or assorted truffles.

From USD$45.95

*Order by 13 February, 2018 for the Valentine’s

Pierre Marcolini

​​First opened in 1995, founder Pierre Marcolini has been named as the world’s first ‘ Haute chocolatier’.

For lovers this Valentine’s Day, the shop has create ‘Love Follies.' The house's iconic heart-shaped raspberry chocolate ganache are boxed with five new flavors: lemon Frisson, passion fruit Passion, pistachio praline Plaisir, nougat praline Tendresse, and salted caramel Douceur.

Choose Boîte de 18 Coeurs or Boîte de 36 Coeurs, from €19 - €35.

La Maison du Chocolat

From its early days in Paris in 1977, La Maison Du Chocolat has expanded its presence around the world and has shops in Hong Kong.

The 2018 Valentine’s collection 'In The Heart of Parisian Gardens Gift Box' features four new flavours: Orangeraie, Fruity Jasmine, Lemon Tilleul Honey, and Zested Ginger. The delightful package design by illustrator Kim Roselier aptly takes its cue from Parisian landscape architecture.

Choose 9 Pieces or 16 Pieces, from HKD $280 - $470.

Go classic with the timeless and chic Valentine's Day Heart Gift Box. Make your own selection of sweets for your loved one, including Classic chocolate, Valentine’s Day collection, and heart-shaped limited editions. Choose a box of 15 pieces or 38 pieces, from HKD$450.

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