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YY9 Gallery

YY9  Gallery  is  pleased  to  present  "City  Memory", a joint exhibition by Vaan Ip and Leo Wong Chun-yam.  In  the exhibition, two local artists will present their  latest series of sculpture  installation  which  captures  traces  of  memories of the  changing  urban  environment  in  Hong  Kong  in  a  truly profound way.


In  the  “Lost  City”  2015  series,  Ip  provides  a  brand-new perception of poetic   architecture of   the   city   with   the sensitive   use   of   light   and   shadow, hence inviting   his audience  to  join  a  creative  dialogue  of  illusion  and  reality. By  infusing  visual  elements  into  his  sculptures,  Ip  manages to depict the characteristics of a densely populated city – the very  unique  rhythm,  structure  and  landscape  of  Hong  Kong in  a  spiritual  way,  offering  the  audience  a  fresh  dimension for   imagination.   Wong will presents   two   of   his   latest sculpture   series,  namely “Lost   Memory”   and   “Memory Rebuild Space”.  The  former  series  is  composed  of  blurred images  of  symbolic  views  in  Hong  Kong,  by  which  Wong intends  to  explore the  ever-changing  urban  landscape  in  our city;  the  latter  series is  created  to  capture represents  some iconic  buildings  from  his’s  childhood,  thus  transforming both  personal  and  collective  memories  he  shares  with  his childhood friends into a three-dimensional sculpture structure.

Unit 206, 2/F., Phase I, Chai Wan Industrial City, 60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

15 May- 31 July

1pm – 7pm (WED - SAT)

MON and TUE by appointment only

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