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योग: Union of body, mind, and spirit

What is Yoga? The word ‘Yoga’ arises from the Sanskrit verb (युज् yuj) which literally means ‘to unite.’ What exactly are we uniting in the philosophy of Yoga? And do visual arts play a role in disseminating the Yogic knowledge? Scholars have argued that 'Yogic sculptures' hold importance due to their objective or metaphysical values. This specialist talk on Yoga as a Visual Art, will dive into both sides of the debate through ancient sites in India and aim to shed light on how ancient iconography helps us in understanding the deeper message of Yoga.


17 AUGUST 2021 

19:00 HKT (Tuesday)

12:00 BST (Tuesday)

13:00 CEST (Tuesday)

20:00 IST (Tuesday)

15:00 UAE (Tuesday)


Mr Nitish Sudhir Soundalgekar


Ms Trina Lee Johnson


About the speaker

Nitish Sudhir Soundalgekar is from Mumbai, India, and currently works for the Education department at the Rijksmuseum Muiderslot. He completed his BA in Art History & Visual Culture from Franklin University Switzerland, Lugano. His passion to combine yoga teaching and art history inspired him to write his thesis on the dissemination of yogic knowledge through ancient Indian iconography. This is reflected through his series of Meditation Mondays that he conducted with the Asian art collection at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam during his MA Heritage Studies internship. For his MA thesis, he developed a holistic model for assessing sustainability in the museum world.

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About the moderator

Trina Lee Johnson is an independent researcher and art advisor based in London. She sits on the committee for the World Musea Forum '21 as a part of Asia Art Hong Kong. She has over ten years of experience working in the art industry having previously managed several West End commercial art galleries and worked in the Chinese department for an auction house. She obtained her Masters in East Asian Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art in 2009. Trina specialises in Asian, Indian and Islamic art.

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