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A Sheet-gold pectoral with five raised bosses, Timor Indonesia, 19 - 20th Century, Diam:13.5cm -- Made from low carat gold it was used as a badge of honour and in former times associated with head- hunting or child birth.

A gold and ruby ring, Java 9-12th C.

A gold and ruby ring, Java 9-12th C.

Weight: 31 grams -- A hollow but substantial ring with core material of tapering circular cross section shank and with an ovoid-shaped bezel containing three cabochon rubies. The shank is edged with three strands of twisted –wire filigree, the central strand meeting on the shoulder a cruciform decoration formed of applied indented oval elements. It has been suggested that the three gem stones represent the Hindu Trinity.

Susan Ollemans Oriental Art


Sue Ollemans started trading in 1979 and has worked with private collections and museums around the world. Regularly exhibiting at shows and fairs internationally, Sue specialises in Mughal and antique gold Indian jewellery and antique gold articles from China and South East Asia. Sue welcomes visitors to her stand at any of these events.

Specialities: Mughal and antique gold Indian jewellery, Chinese and South East Asian antique gold articles.

13 Georgian House
10 Bury Street
London SW1Y6AA, United Kingdom
(44) 77 7556 6356

(852) 6851 2795


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