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An Exhibition about the Heart of the 'Matter' - William Lim Gets to the the Heart of the &#3

“The first time I saw Hong Kong Contemporary Art, I saw table cloth, plywood, and something drawn with ballpoint pen. I remember thinking, where is the Art?”

“I always feel that what moves me in art is not the visible, but the invisible spirit behind the artwork. I often get asked, how shall one view and understand Contemporary Art. Maybe the answer is to feel beyond the matter in front of our eyes.” –William Lim

This summer, Seoul Auction presents its first group exhibition showing contemporary Hong Kong artists alongside Korean artists. Architect and art collector William Lim curates the exhibition of 6 Korean and 18 local artists titled 'Matter.' A reference to physical substance, 'Matter' also raises the question of what lies beyond the visible, indeed the ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ of the work. Artworks are further grouped within the gallery to reflect on themes of Earth, Heaven, and Human.

Welcoming visitors to the gallery is Tsang Kin Wah's work. Resembling the patterns of a Victorian wallpaper, a closer look reveals much deeper tensions and connotations. Trevor Yeung’s table screen has the appearance of classic Ming-style furniture, yet the marble-like stone is in reality a manipulated imitation of nature. The striking portrait paintings by Ha JungWoo are in fact psychological outlets for the Korean actor who is required to stay in character all day.

'Matter' marks Seoul Auction’s 10th year in Hong Kong and runs from 1 August to 18 September.

SA+, 11/F, H Queen's, 80 Queens Road Central, Central, Hong Kong | Tel: (+852) 2537 1880


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