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Lario Hotels - the Lake Como Experience

Lario Hotels has been a key player in the hospitality sector of Lake Como for over 60 years, and contributes to a big part of tourists’ experience in Lake Como. They currently have 4 hotels in the area.

Vista | Palazzo Lago di Como is the first and currently the only 5-Star luxury hotel in Palazzo Venezia on Piazza Cavour. Located in downtown Como, it opens year-round and boasts of an unrivalled view onto an enchanting landscape. It is situated very close to the lake, the city as well as the beautiful Cathedral, making it extremely accessible. The large, luxurious rooms, well-thought Italian designs and decor sets it apart from other hotels in the area.

Piazza Cavour 24

22100, Como

+39 031 5375241

4-Star Hotel Villa Flori, situated between Como and Cernobbio, was in the past coveted by Lombard aristocracy due to its exceptional location directly overlooking Lake Como. Since being converted into a hotel in 1958, it has been a perfect location for wedding parties, special events and weddings. It also features the gourmet Restaurant Raimondi, a well-equipped spa and a terrace that offers a splendid view of the lake.

Via Cernobbio 12

22100, Como

+39 031-33 820

Albergo Terminus was originally built in 1902 and renovated in the 1990s. It a 4-Star hotel located in the centre of Como, within walking distance of the Duomo. Besides featuring a breakfast patio, fitness centre, sauna and meeting rooms, its services are completed by the well-known Bar delle Terme - a favourite among fine dining enthusiasts which offers a well-thought selection with the best seasonal ingredients. The Bar’s terrace also offers panoramic views over the lake.

Lungo Lario Trieste 14

22100, Como

+39 031-329 111

Posta Design Hotel is a 3-Star hotel originally designed in 1929 by Giuseppe Terragni, Rationalist architect from Como. It is situated in Piazza Volta in the center of Como, very close to both the lake and the city’s shopping district. After reopening in 2014 after a long renovation, it has continued to reflect the original minimalist concepts in its design. The Posta Bistrot on the ground floor offers wonderful coffee and aperitifs and is a favourite among locals.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 2

22100, Como CO

+39 031 276 9011

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