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A Convergence of Art, Antiques and Design

​​CONVERGENCE delineates a new space centering on a style and spirit inspired by Chinese culture. Together, Maria Kiang Chinese Art, Chelesa Art and 88 Gallery, have curated a selection of works to exemplify the best in their respective fields. The exhibited collection allows for audiences to appreciate each piece independently, highlighting their singular quality, yet in their juxtapositions also allow for a sophisticated reading of a poetic mosaic. The curated works will be displayed within a specially constructed 1,400 sq. ft. space in the historic Pedder Building, located in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central district, from 26th of March to 2nd April 2019, coinciding with Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Central and the Sotheby’s Spring auctions.

Chinese works of art specialist, Maria Kiang, has selected as many as fifty pieces ranging from the Neolithic Period to the Qing dynasty. Among her celebrated pieces are imperial and literati scholar’s objects, ceramics, jades, sculptures and Buddhist art. Kiang’s display pays tribute to the diversity and variety found in over five thousand years of Chinese history. These objects serve as anchors throughout the exhibition allowing viewers to draw new correspondences between past and present. These rare works of art are complemented by a solo-exhibition of Ren Zhong (b. 1976), represented by Chelesa Art. Showcasing a myriad of styles and subjects to perfection through his exceptional skill, Ren’s paintings reiterate the motifs and subjects of the Song and Yuan dynasties. Nationally lauded for his raw talent and dynamism, Ren echoes the genius of Zhang Daqian, channeling the same spirit and refinement onto traditional mediums such as Japanese silk and ink paper. From figurative to landscape, Ren brilliantly manages to rediscover the traditions of ink painting whilst evoking his personal touch, “to him, tracing the masters is merely a process — the goal is to invent and transform” – Chelesa Art. This will be the artist’s first solo-exhibition in Hong Kong. Design specialists 88 Gallery showcase the best of 20th century design through works by contemporary artists such as Ado Chale and Marc Bankowksy, and the historic pieces of Robert Goossens, godson and personal jeweller to Coco Chanel. On view will be chandeliers, tables and mirrors created by Goossens for the homes of icons Coco Chanel and Yves Saint-Laurent. 88 Gallery possesses the exclusive rights to sell Goossens’ work.

The assemblage of European design with Chinese art and antiques reframes how the audience experiences these diverse cultural artefacts. From a Gabrielle Chanel commissioned mirror to imperial works of Chinese art, the visual expression of every piece is heightened to astonishing effect. Through the medium of design, viewers are offered the chance to engage in new dialogues and are given a fresh perspective to Chinese art.

CONVERGENCE pushes the boundaries of conventional expression for Chinese art and culture. From archaic jades to ink paintings and gilt-bronze mirrors, each work asks their viewer to ponder the trajectories and intersections of art, design and antiques. Combining various forms of art and artistry, CONVERGENCE plays on a unique creativity seeking to challenge and transform old perceptions. The exhibition invites us to (re)discover new affinities transcending the traditional scope of art.

Exhibition details:

26 March to 2 April 2019 6/F, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong

The Galleries

MARIA KIANG CHINESE ART Since establishing her business in 2006, Maria Kiang has established herself as a leading authority in the field ofChinese scholar’s objects, Buddhist art and Song ceramics. She has developed an influential client list thatincludes such names as Ai Wei Wei, Zeng Fanzhi, Wang Zhongjun and Zhang Hanyu. Kiang studied Chinese art and Indian art under the British Museum and SOAS programme in London, and holds a Master’s degree in Chinese art and archaeology from SOAS. She exhibits regularly in Hong Kong, New York and Beijing, and works closely with the world’s leading museums and institutions, from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, to the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore. She holds position as one of the founding members of the Hong Kong Antiques and Art Galleries Association (HKAAGA). 88 GALLERY Specializing in modern and contemporary design, 88 Gallery puts a particular emphasis on skilled craftsmanship and precious materials. The gallery holds two spaces, in Paris and in Hong Kong, as well as an atelier in Germany, and their works can be found in respected private collections and museums, including the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. 88 Gallery exhibits around world at fairs including PAD (London/Paris), Masterpiece (London), and Art Basel/Design Miami. As a founding member of the Hong Kong Antiques and Art Galleries Association (HKAAGA), 88 Gallery director Adrian Choi holds talks and lectures throughout the year to raise awareness of and educate on the subject of collectible design.

CHELESA ART One of the foremost names in Chinese 20th century ink painting, Chelesa Art maintains a presence in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. They are known for promoting and exhibiting a stellar roster of artists, including Bada Shanren, Zhang Daqian and Lin Fengmian, as well as showing contemporary ink works from such stars of the discipline as Li Huayi. Since its establishment in 1978 by Siu Fai Lung, Chelesa Art has published numerous catalogues and organized exhibitions in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada and the USA. Chelesa Art’s Director Angel Siu is also one of the founding members of the Hong Kong Antiques and Art Association (HKAAGA).

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