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Chill out in Cathay Pacific’s new lounge—The Deck

Cathay Pacific unveiled the airline’s newest lounge, The Deck, at Hong Kong International Airport on 22nd March. The Deck is located close to gate 16 in Terminal 1 and has seating for 180 passengers and is fitted with designer furniture. The lounge is also equipped with a relaxation room zone featuring bespoke Solo Chairs, eight shower suites, washroom facilities in which provides an environment for customers to dine and relax before their flight.

The contemporary design of The Deck provides a cozy, at ease and understated luxurious atmosphere for customers who would like to arrive early and relax with friends and family at the airport.

The lounge in The Deck provides a range of self-service and freshly made international cuisines and customers would not want to miss out the offerings provide by the iconic Noodle Bar, an all-time favorite among Cathay Pacific customers. Variety of Asian dishes are provided including Japanese-style vegetarian noodles and iconic Hong Kong dishes including wonton noodles in a hearty broth, fish ball noodles and a variety of dim sum and buns.

The Terrace, an open-ceiling L-shaped verandah featuring tables and individual seating, allows customers to take a panoramic view of the airport’s apron and northern runway while enjoying a wide range options of drinks.

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