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Travel to TEFAF: Top 3 Premium Economy Flights

Air France

On board the Boeing 787-9, known also as the Dreamliner, Air France has a brand new Premium Economy cabin which meets the highest comfort criteria. The spacious seats can recline up to 130º, seat cushions are designed for lower back support and there are storage spaces for personal items. Each seat is also equipped with an adjustable fiber-optic reading lamp.

The Dreamliner is a next-generation aircraft, the first to be composed primarily of carbon fibre rather than aluminium. For the passenger, this means air pressure in the cabin is much lower compared to other aircraft and air humidity levels are better controlled. The windows are 30% larger than on any other aircraft of its kind.


With Lufthansa’s Premium Economy Class, guests can enjoy 50 per cent more seat space, baggage allowance of two bags weighing up to 23kg (twice as many as in Economy), more deli and entertainment options, as well as a practical travel kit. Star Alliance has extended its Round-the-World (RTW) fare to include tickets in Lufthansa Premium Economy.

China Airlines China Airlines has a dedicated Premium Economy cabin with seats featuring 39” seat pitch, front-sliding seat recline, 12” HD monitor, dedicated personal USB port and power outlets. Travellers can also freshen up with amenity kits on long-haul flights.

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