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Jaeger-LeCoultre Celebrates Polaris’ 50th Anniversary with Polaris Automatic

Among Jaeger-LeCoultre's most beloved vintage watches stands the Memovox Polaris. The 1968 model is revitalised with the release of the Polaris Collection which adds five new designs to the brand's timeless silhouette.

Polaris Automatic is the simplest model in the new collection. It is a time-only automatic measuring a 41mm diameter and a 11.2mm thickness, the smallest but also thinnest of the bunch. Despite being the simplest model, Polaris Automatic qualifies as a straight breed of the original Polaris with its uncompromising styling, allowing room for experimentation to the model in the future.

The overall design of Polaris Automatic stays pretty true to the original. It is with changes but retains what qualifies as a Polaris. The two crowns of the watch are off-centered, one at 2 o'clock to adjust the rotating rehaut and another at 4 o'clock to adjust the time. The middle crown to adjust the inner bezel is no more and it’s instead found in the new Polaris Memovox, but the two crowns provide perfect functionality for a time-only automatic. Available in black or blue, the dial is done with three different finishes to add visual depth, and vintage-styled markers pay spot-on homage to the original.

Polaris Automatic’s pricing starts at USD $6,600 with a light brown leather folding buckle. Other options are available with dark brown leather, alligator and stainless steel bracelet at more advanced prices. The movement for all finishes and buckle types are the same with a 40-hour power reserve and automatic winding.

All models in the Polaris Collection can be discovered beginning in April 2018 at Jaeger‑LeCoultre boutiques. For more information on the collection, visit

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