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Sotheby’s Hong Kong to hold selling exhibition Eternal Water: Wucius Wong

An educator and proponent of Hong Kong’s New Ink Movement, Wucius Wong is credited for achieving an ambitious combination of Western design concepts with Classical ink painting. Six decades of Wong’s acclaimed work featured in Eternal Water, a selling exhibition presented by Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery. The public exhibition is on view 18 - 30 October.


In Dialogue with Wucius Wong Saturday, 21 October, 2pm & 3pm


A public talk with the artist in English and Chinese with

Katherine Don, Head of Contemporary Ink Art, Sotheby’s and

Josh Yiu, Director, Art Museum at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Over 30 pieces of work depicting water in its varying forms will be presented during the exhibition period. In his studies of traditional landscapes and geometric motifs, Wong gives visual form to a distinctive lyrical style imbued with philosophic undertones. Under instruction of the artist, works in the exhibition are organised by the themes of movement, tranquility, confluence, diversion and transformation. They provide a review of his artistic pursuits, cultural identity and creation philosophy.

Water – constantly seeking lower levels,

actually representing the highest virtue –

has no definite shape and can morph into many different forms,

to become springs and falls, pools and lakes,

streams and rivers, seas and oceans.

- Wucius Wong

Sotheby’s Contemporary Ink Art Department Head Katherine Don says, “Originated in China thousands of years ago, contemporary ink art is a category based on its use of ink, brush and calligraphic principle. Artists might have been trained with its tradition, or had taken inspirations from it. For centuries, artists have tried to unbind tradition’s bond and break new grounds of art portrayal, rejuvenating the deep-rooted art form. Wucius Wong is certainly second to none in the sense of this. On the occasion of the preparation for this event, Wong received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Hong Kong Arts and Development Council in May, which adds further to the accomplishment of his 80 years of harvest.”

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