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Hanhai Hong Kong Auction 2016 Returns with Important Buddhist Works of Art and Chinese Archaic Bronz

Following their successful sale last November, Hanhai Hong Kong returns in the autumn season this year with a strong focus on buddhist art and Chinese archaic bronze artefacts. Slightly tucked away from the buzz in Wan Chai, their elegantly-curated preview at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong sets a tranquil and peaceful backdrop for Hanhai Hong Kong’s two important sales, The Merciful Buddha II and The Bronze Age II. Past the showroom entrance, a gigantic canopy in pearl-white colour comes into view, creating a huge contrast with all the valuable ancient works of art pieces beneath. While you marvel at the modern geometry on the 3D-printed backdrop installation (which undoubtedly is also art), be sure to let the following highlighted treasures lock your gaze:

1. Sakyamuni Qing Palace, Qianlong period, Qing dynasty 清 乾隆釋迦牟尼像

2. Ekadasamukha Avalokitesavara Dali, Yunnan Province, China / 10th~13th century 十一面觀音 大理 / 十至十三世紀

3. Kshetrapala Dolonor district, Inner Mongolia / China. 18th century

切扎巴拉 蒙古 多倫諾爾 / 18世紀

4. Fang-Yi vessel with the inscription “Ying Meng” Mid-Western Zhou Dynasty 應(金黽)方彝 西周中期

5. Fang-zun vessel with the inscription “Ying Meng” Mid-Western Zhou Dynasty 應(金黽)方尊 西周中期

Auction details please click here.

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