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Five Highlights You Can't Miss at Fine Art Asia 2016

It has been the 12th year Fine Art Asia returns to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 2-5, amidst the city’s peak of fine art season. Widely regarded as Asia’s leading international art fair, its dedication to art and antiques will once again showcase a varied curation of Eastern and Western fine art collectibles, spanning centuries and geographies, with a special attention on the new photography session at the fair.

Apart from the new category addition, the specially-curated exhibition: Private Treasures: Experts Share Their Personal View" located in the centre of the venue, is also not to be missed. Behind each of these not-for-sale artefacts are unforgettable memories and personal stories. Among the best of collectible antiques and contemporary art such as masterpieces of impressionist painters such as Monet and Sisley, modern furniture pieces, European silver arts, Eastern religious idols, tapestry, sculptures, be sure to spend some time on the following five pieces:

1. Atlas, Grey schist, Gandhara, c. 2nd century AD, H. approx. 20 cm, Rossi & Rossi, London and Hong Kong

This figure of the god Atlas is owned by Mr Rossi. His first exposure to this Gandhara art piece was in his childhood when he visited Afghanistan, Pakistan and India with his mother in 1974. Later on, her mother sold it to a collector in Turin, Italy. Their relationship did not end here, but was reconnected when his mentor persuaded the collector to sell it and then gave it to Mr. Rossi as a wedding gift. Mr Rossi reassured that this was beyond its monetary value and he would never sell it at any price.

2. A 4-m tall Sculpture entitled Bamboo, by a local Artist Kum Chi Keung.

Hong Kong Sculpture Society will be participating in Fine Art Asia for the 5th consecutive year. This year, sculpture works by 40 local artists will be exhibited and the focus is on a 4-m tall Sculpture entitled Bamboo, by a local Artist Kum Chi Keung.

3. Dancing Lights – 7, Acrylic on canvas, 110 x 140 cm, 1963

The third timeless piece is from 3812 Gallery, co-founded by Calvin Hui, the Co-Chairman and Director of Fine Art Asia, and Mr. Mark Peaker, featuring ink paintings and other exquisite contemporary collectibles. Entitled Dancing Light -7, this extraordinary acrylic painting can be worth up to HKD$1,380,000. The painter, Hsiao Chin explored various representations of abstract arts, which has made him to establish his enormous reputation and remarkable influence in 20th-century art history.

4. Photography art- 4:59pm, 4:59pm, 5:03pm, 1July 2012

Another focus will be devoted to the new photography art session of Fine Art Asia 2016, bringing a selection of top display of photography from 5 renowned local and overseas galleries - Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo), La Galerie Paris 1839 (Hong Kong), Gallery 27 (Hong Kong), Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery (Beijing and Hangzhou) and Boogie Woogie Photography (Hong Kong).

5. Vajrasattva Shakti Mongolia, School of Zanabazar, A bronze Buddhist statue with painted details.

Nevertheless, Rossi & Rossi’s will be presenting this bronze sculpture of Vajrasattva Shakti as one of the masterpieces at Fine Art Asia 2016. It features a Vajrasattva sitting on a double-lotus base, embracing his Shakti, whose legs and arms tightly wrapped around his waist and neck respectively. It nonetheless stands out from other statues of Vajrasattva as they are usually presented as an individual figure instead of pairs.

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