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漢朝鴨形薰爐 A Han dynasty duck shaped censor, 206BC-220AD

Oi Ling Antiques

Oi Ling Antiques specialises in antiquities favoured by traditional Chinese scholars; calligraphy, rubbings, manuscripts, bronze and sculptures.  The gallery is renowned for the in-depth academic research it conducts for the pieces it represents. 

At the upcoming International Antiques Fair, from May 26th-29th, Oi Ling Antiques will be showcasing a specially curated selection of collector items under the theme of "The Elegance and Classical Rhythm of Incense," focused on the dynasties-old tradition of incense use in China.


The Han dynasty censers, Ming dynasty lacquer incense boxes, Qing dynasty incense utensils, and other incense-related paraphernalia that will be on display will give an enticing window into exactly how incense was elevated to an art, and its allure.



72 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

10:00am - 7:00pm (MON - SAT)

1:00pm - 6:30pm (SUN)

(852) 2815 9422




Exhibition during Asia Week Hong Kong 2017


During the Song period, the Chinese literati increasingly turned to arts, the study of which was considered a path to the cultivation of the moral self. Scholars became associated with the four accomplishments: painting, poetry, chess and qin.


In the sanctuary of their study rooms, scholars studied classics, wrote poetry, played music, practiced calligraphy and painted. Objects important in the pursuit of these activities included writing utensils and desk accessories. More than mere art curios, these objects embodied the highest degree of technical precision and finely honed aesthetic sensibility. As such, they also embodied the wisdom, traditions and values of the Chinese literati that governed China for more than two millennia.

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