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1_SELECT IMAGE - LEFT 唐邢窯翰林銘蓋罐-h22.6

唐邢窯翰林銘蓋罐 Tang Dynasty, Xing ware, jar and cover

馬達為-盡態極妍 Ma Dawei

D2487_馬達為_屹石云涛系列質感純真之一(h140x70)cm__KY Ng

馬達為 屹石云涛系列質感純真之一 Ma Dawei

北宋汝窯青瓷蓮瓣紋碟_Base(h4.8x11.3)cm__KY Ng

北宋 汝窯青瓷蓮瓣紋碟 Norther Song, Ru ware, 'lotus petal' dish

宋定窯刻蓮荷紋盤(h5.3x19.8)cm_KY Ng

宋定窯刻蓮荷紋盤 Song Dynasty, Ding ware, 'lotus' pattern incised dish

22_P64_熊海_T1364_香港東平洲_(h182x98)cm__KY Ng

熊海 香港東平洲 Hung Hoi

唐邢窯-盈字茶爐__KY Ng

唐邢窯-盈字茶爐 Tang Dynasty, Xing ware, Tea stove

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K.Y. Fine Art


K. Y. Fine Art was established in February 2001 by Mr Kai-Yuen Ng (K. Y. Ng).


The gallery was formerly known as Luen Chai, it deals in a wide range of Chinese art antiques including fine ceramics and paintings. Under the directorship of Mr Ng, Luen Chai had been featured in numerous publications in Travel and Leisure.


Renowned connoisseur in many aspects of Chinese art and antiques, Mr K. Y. Ng is one of the most prominent names in the trade. He inherited this business from his father in 1970, two years after his graduation from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the years since, he works and learns assiduously, never stopping to increase his knowledge and polish his expertise. He is well respected by his friends, colleagues, fellow dealers, artists, museum curators and collectors at home and abroad.


As an expert in Chinese art and antiques, Mr Ng has often been requested by museums in Hong Kong and the United States to evaluate their collections.

G/F, 142 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong
10:00am - 7:00pm (MON - SAT)

(852) 2540 4772

(852) 2559 0411

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