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Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Made in Hong Kong

From this spring through summer, see Hong Kong as never before, as the Hong Kong Maritime Museum proudly presents its special exhibition, Made in Hong Kong: Our City. Our Stories sponsored by HSBC. Get ready for a highly immersive experience, featuring a series of interactive galleries, including a 44sqm multimedia screen and Hong Kong’s first 360-degree multisensory sphere display. Explore the changing landscapes of Hong Kong over the last 150 years as well as an introduction to some of the key products and commodities that have built the city into the global economic powerhouse it is today. Plus, discover the real Hong Kong through hundreds of untold stories, via interviews, photographs, film and music from diverse voices across the generations, and feel the energy, spirit and determination that underpins Hong Kong’s success today. Don’t miss the talks, walks, workshops and more!

6 MAR – 4 SEP

9:30am – 5:30pm (MON – FRI)

10am7pm (SAT, SUN & Public Holidays)



Pacific Crossing. Gold Mountain Dream: Chinese Migration and the Making of Hong Kong in the Nineteenth Century (in English) Speaker: Elizabeth Sinn, Honorary Professor, University of Hong Kong Tens of thousands of Chinese men and a smaller number of women, crossed the Pacific Ocean to California in the mid-19th century. Drawn by the gold rush, then the building of railroads and other opportunities, Hong Kong was their main point of embarkation. In the process Hong Kong was transformed, evolving into a leading Pacific port and the nexus of the Chinese diaspora. Elizabeth’s talk will focus on the vast networks between Hong Kong and California based on business, personal, family and native place relationships and the “Gold Mountain” trade that contributed so much to Hong Kong’s economic and financial development.


30 MAY (SAT)



Hong Kong Maritime Museum Central Pier No.8, Hong Kong

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