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Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The Past is Continuing


The  train  to  the  future  makes  the  thousand  years  like  a  bygoneyesterday. On the way, you will see the scenes of China over the centuries and the changes  of  Hong  Kong  in  the  hundred  years;  you  will  meet  trendy ladies with self-confidence, revolutionaries with relentless effort, and liberal-minded  literati  with  ambition;  you  will  also  admire  the traditional performances, dedicate craftsmanship and touching stories.  Our past is not one that is dead, but one that is still thriving. A gateway to the past has been opened by 18 contemporary artists who create the history  of  us  today.  They  draw  inspiration  from  the  historical  and cultural artefacts from the permanent galleries of Heritage Museum to create new artworks which embody both traditional and contemporary philosophies.


Artists: Craig Au Yeung, Halley Cheng, Chow Chun-fai, KaCaMa Design Lab, Koon Wai-bong, Lam Tung-pang, Lau Ching-ping, Hanison Lau, Lee Chi-wing, Rosanna Li, Chris Lo, Aries Sin, Tang Kwok-hin, the pancakes, Johnson Tsang, Annie Wan, Justin Wong and XCEED.



Hong Kong Heritage Museum

1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin



11 APR – 30 SEP

10am – 6pm (MON, WED – FRI)

10am – 7pm (SAT, SUN & Public Holidays)


The Pride of Lingnan


Professor  Chao  Shao-an is a  renowned master  of the  Lingnan School of Painting, which held the initiative of “modernization of Chinese painting” within the tradition. He succeeded in creating a unique artistic style by merging art with life.  His work has important influence in Hong Kong, and also placed the Lingnan School in a significant role in the development of Chinese art. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Guangzhou Museum of Art jointly organize this traveling exhibition in  2015  to commemorate the 110th birthday of the artist in order to review Chao’s lifetime artistic achievements. Selected exhibits date from 1930s to 1990s, covering subjects of birds-and-flowers, landscapes,  insects,  animals,  figures  and calligraphy.  Highlights  include,  “Tiger”,  “White  Peacock”, “Moonlight  over  the  Pond”,  and  the  5-panel  screen  “Banana Trees”, from the collection of Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and “Peacock”,  “Fishermen  Gather  in  River  Bank”,  and  “Flower Bridge in Guilin”, from the Guangzhou Museum of Art. Other exhibits include sketches and poem manuscripts by the artist, a comprehensive display  of  artistic  style and development. Interactive programmes are set up and precious video clippings of the  artist  in  demonstrations  are  shown  to  increase audience interest.


23 MAY – 7 SEP

10am6pm (MON, WED – FRI)

10am7pm (SAT, SUN & Public Holidays)

Closed on TUE (except Public Holidays)


Hong Kong Heritage Museum 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, N.T.Hong Kong


Walking in the Dreams


In the world, another “self” really exists. That is the “self” being called as subconsciousness and living in our inner soul. It is hidden in our heart. It is similar but sometimes contradictive to the “self” in daily life; the feeling is familiar but sometimes strange. The two “selves” become closer whenever we make dreams as the dreams tell us quietly about the hidden “self”. Dreams have countless ties and complex connection between the soul and body, consciousness and subconsciousness, imagination and reality. They are places to be discovered and explored, and also the home for rehabilitation. Let us walk into the dreams of 11 contemporary artists to discover the very dreams of you underneath.


Artists: Joey Leung, Leung Mee-ping, Kingsley Ng, Ordinary Cavemen, So Yan-kei, Tam Wai-ping, Sara Tse, Wong Chi-yung, Adrian Wong, Kacey Wong, Samson Young


6 JUN – 28 SEP

10am6pm (MON, WED – FRI)

10am7pm (SAT, SUN & Public Holidays)

Closed on TUE (except Public Holidays)


Hong Kong Heritage Museum 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin


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