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Guangzhou 33 Contemporary Art Center

Guangzhou 33 Contemporary Art Center, founded in October 2014, is a modern and contemporary art institution dedicated to exploring new artistic orientation and new market, and promoting the development of artistic ecosystem and cultural industries in Guangzhou. Since 2014, the Center has successfully held over 13 art exhibitions, over 20 academic conferences and workshops, and collaborated with more than 70 artists in and out of China. Based on years of exploration, the Center has developed four academic focuses: 


  1. Transformation of Traditional Media in the Modern and Contemporary Context 

  1. Photography, Videos, and New Media Art 

  1. Emerging Artists and the Future of Art 

  1. Urban Space and Everyday Life 


As a young, not-for-profit, private institution of art, the Center will, as always, uphold a high level of academic professionalism and the spirit of art characterized by openness and diversities. Meanwhile, the Center will continue to build a platform for artistic exchange as well as create crossover partnerships. Within the context of international contemporary art in the new era, the Center works hard to explore an integrated mechanism to support our innovative, comprehensive and sustainable development


Opening Time

10:00am - 6:00pm (MON - SAT) 


33/F, Tower A, Victory Plaza, 103 Tiyu West Road, Guangzhou 


(86) 20 3881 1833  | 


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