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Kui Yuan Gallery 

Kui Yuan Gallery is located in Dongshan District, one of the most interesting parts of the city for its profound history and culture. The Gallery is actively engaged in many art events and has hosted a number of exhibitions since its opening. Its works in heritage conservation and revitalization are also widely recognized as a success, and must-see spots for worldwide visitors. 


2012 marks the 90th anniversary of Kui Yuan Galery. The founders, full of ideals and fond of art, reconstructed this building with their wisdom, heart and souls, so as to add new artistic energy and new charms to it. Their goal is to create a harmonious and unique artistic space with exhibitions, cafe and pop-up art projects to enhance the historical and artistic value of the building itself and to combine it with contemporary art. 


Kui Yuan Gallery, as a platform of introducing affordable art and contemporary art to the public, regularly exhibits various works of art and holds artistic and cultural activities, in order to provide better opportunities for more people to feel and appreciate art.  

Opening Time

11:00am - 8:00pm (MON - SUN) 


9 Xuguyuan Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 


(86) 20 8765 9746 | 

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