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K11 Art Foundation

Founded by Adrian Cheng, K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is a Hong Kong non-profit institution that serves as a springboard where young emerging artists from Greater China are nurtured and their creative ideas and contribution to humanity globally manifested. Our vision is to be a sustainable incubation force in the global ecosystem of art and to create strong public desire for the local contemporary art scene. Through KAF’s innovative education programmes such as artist talks, seminars, workshops and exhibitions across Greater China, as well as a unique contemporary art collection and the establishment of the K11 art village, KAF provides the public easy access to appreciate art and thereby elevate our collective understanding of culture.


由鄭志剛先生成立的K11 Art Foundation (KAF),為香港非牟利機構,致力培育創意新秀,為大中華區的年輕新銳藝術家提供支援,使他們創意及貢獻得到廣泛關注。我們的願景是成為全球藝術生態圈中的一個可持續的培植力量,增進大眾對本地當代藝術的興趣。通過KAF遍佈大中華的教育項目,包括藝術家講座、研討會、工作坊及展覽,以及獨特的現代藝術收藏和K11藝術村的成立,KAF為大眾提供欣賞藝術及了解文化的捷徑,進而提高各地區的集體文化意識。



5/F, New World Tower 2, 18 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong





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