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BNP Paribas Museum


Located in Pokfulam, Béthanie was built by the Mission Étrangères de Paris in 1875 and was used by them as a sanatorium for almost a century. This heritage building was later used by The University of Hong Kong from 1978 to 1997, at which time it was returned to the Government. In 2000, the Architectural Services Department commissioned a feasibility study to investigate the restoration and potential adaptive uses of Béthanie. In March 2003, the Legislative Council approved capital works funds for the Hong Kong Academy for performing Arts to restore Béthanie and two neighbouring Dairy Farm cowsheds as its associated campus. The campus will to some extent relieve the shortage of space encountered by the Academy in recent years. The Academy has appointed architect Mr Philip Liao to oversee the restoration of Béthanie. The renovation included reinstatement of the original pitched roof. The restoration was completed in November 2006 and Béthanie is reborn as the new home of the Academy’s School of Film and Television. Béthanie and the adjacent historic Dairy Farm cowsheds, now known as the Wellcome Theatre, house two performance venues, an exhibition hall, a chapel and a museum dedicated to Béthanie and its founders. This site is a new landmark serving the local community and overseas visitors. 


BNP Paribas Museum

The basement was used as a wine cellar and dry goods store. Under the patronage of BNP Paribas, this cellar has been converted into a museum recording the history of Béthanie and of the French Mission’s activities throughout Asia during the past three centuries.



139 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong




T: 2584 8633


Advance bookings for guided tours: (Search “exhibition and travel”)

T: 31 288 288




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